The Eames office chair is a classic and stylish seat which can give your office a new look at the same time making it more comfortable while working. Proper care and maintenance will help you keep your Eames chair looking as good as new for many years. This blog covers some tips on how you can clean and maintain your Eames office chair so that it stays clean always.

Understanding the Material

The first thing to do when you want to clean a Charles Eames office chair is to know what it is made of. The initial Eames office chairs had a body made of polyethylene which is commonly called fibreglass as some others were available with different bases like metal, wood, or chrome while their seats were covered with either leather, vinyl, or cloth.

In the production of Eames chairs, the materials have changed and we currently can get chairs with polypropylene shells, aluminium bases and different types of upholstery such as mesh and leather.

Determining the materials in your chair helps you to care for them, as various materials need separate cleaning techniques. For instance, cleaning a leather-upholstered chair varies significantly from cleaning a mesh or fabric chair.

Weekly Maintenance Routine

Establishing a weekly maintenance routine is one of the surest ways to keep your Eames office chair in a good state while additionally increasing its lifespan; just dedicate 15 to 20 minutes every single week towards taking good care of it.

Some tasks that you can include:

  • Check for any screws or bolts that are not tight and tighten them if necessary. 
  • Apply silicone-based lubricant to all moving parts, including the tilt mechanism or height adjustment lever. Use a soft, dry cloth to clean off any dust or dirt present on the chair. 
  • Make sure that you carefully look at the seat, base and wheels since they are the quickest spots in which dirt accumulates in form cobwebs/lint and soil etc.
  • When cleaning vinyl or leather seats, it’s better to utilise a mild soap with warm water upon a soft piece of cloth to remove any dirt or smudges, instead of using rough chemicals or abrasive cleaners that might destroy its surface. 
  • In case your seat is upholstered by fabric then vacuum it using a handheld vac to get rid of dirt particles or any debris before wiping off the dirt gently with a damp cloth from the fabric. Ensure you test the fabric with a small inconspicuous amount to see if it does not leave water marks.

Deep Cleaning and Stain Removal

Beside regular weekly upkeep, you should think of cleaning your Eames chair replica through more cleaning either monthly or in case of necessity. It’s when any stains or stubborn grime start appearing at the chair. 

  1. We should use a leather cleaner and conditioner for cleaning and moisturising leather upholstery; we have to apply the cleanser with a piece of soft cloth by rubbing it along the circular direction to penetrate deeply into the leather. After that the second piece of clean cloth must be used for shining the leather’s surface.
  2. For removing spots on vinyl cover methane seats it’s advisable to create a mild soap solution mixed with hot water. Soft cloth should be dipt in the solution and thoroughly squeezed working cautiously to avoid spreading the spot.
  3. Know what kind of dirt is on your cloth upholstery, then apply the right cleaner. Combine soap with water for stains caused by moisture. Use a cleaner with hydrophobic formula in the case it is oil based. 
  4. In case you have a mesh-upholstered seat, just grab some mild soap solution on a soft-bristled brush for dirt and stains. Wipe with wet cloth to remove all the soap traces.

Protecting your Eames Office Chair

  • In order to prevent drinks from spilling on the chair, especially if it has hard-to-clean upholstered material like leather or vinyl, use coasters.
  • Keep your Eames chair out of the sun to avoid direct contact.It goes without saying that long term exposure to sunlight makes the colours of the chair fade away.Better still, you could place the chair out of sun’s reach or simply lower the blinds sometimes.
  • Make use of a chair mat: When you buy a high-quality chair mat, you guard your Eames office chair wheels against damage and keep them from jamming or leaving unwanted marks on your floor.
  • Ensure that all adjustable settings are always changed on your Eames chair so that they are functioning correctly and adjusted to your comfort on a daily basis that will include height tilt armrest among others.

Seeking Professional Help

Most of the time we can clean or maintain our properties but there are instances when it is important to involve the professionals. For example if you have an Eames office chair which has major damages such as broken base or torn upholstery then it is always good catching up with experts in the furniture repair business. They have what it takes in terms of knowledge and materials in order to give such chairs another chance at life.

It's always best to leave disassembly of your chair parts or any more complex repairs to the experts if you are not sure about it. They will help keep your chair in good condition and can help prolong its life span as well.


In order to make your Eames office chair elegant and stylish without its functionality compromised, observe the cleaning and caring techniques on this blog carefully. It should be noted that the most important thing is constant maintenance along with immediate removal of any stains.

For your Eames office chair to remain beautiful and elegant besides functioning properly, observe these cleaning and caring tips on this blog. You should bear in mind that the key factor is regular maintenance as well as immediate removal of stains and spills.

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