The Eames lounge chair and ottoman are an artistic example of furniture that demonstrates the style of the 1960s. Comfortable as well as durable, they are popular furnishings in homes and offices. In order to continue using them throughout the years, it is necessary that you take proper care of them. Consequently, this step-by-step guide will help you maintain a beautiful Eames chair and ottoman.

Step:1 Choosing the right location

It is important to choose an appropriate location to place your Eames lounge chair which can fit well in any room. However, one should remember not to place it where there is sun directly hitting on it. This will eventually lead to discolouration of the cloth and wood reducing its decorative value.

Opt for a place in your house or office that doesn't get excessive sunshine most of the day. This might be a snug cubbyhole, a reading alcove, or a tranquil section in either your living room or bedroom. Such a move enables you to maintain the pieces of furniture such as the Eames lounge chair and ottoman in good shape.

Step:2 Regular Dusting and Cleaning 

It is important to perform routine cleaning services to maintain the good condition of your Eames lounge chair and ottoman. These steps will guide on how to effectively carry out the cleaning process:

  • Before cleaning the chair and the ottoman, begin by getting rid of loose cushions or padding. This will facilitate cleaning by giving you better access to these surfaces and ensuring that every area is well cleaned. 
  • To remove dust from the chair and its ottoman, use a soft, dry piece of cloth. Microfiber fabrics are best because when used they attract dust without causing any scratch marks on them. High concentration of dust particles is trapped in the corners where crevices are found so; keenly clean this area.
  • To clean more comprehensively, one should combine a little liquid dish soap with warm water, such as a gentle kind. Further still, dip your cloth into this solution, then wring it well so as not to leave it completely wet and finally go ahead by gently wiping off the surfaces. Do not use a lot of water because you are preventing your fabric or wood from getting soaked completely.
  • To clean the chair and ottoman you can use a soft thin bristle brush labelled toothbrush to get to hard places or small regions. This makes it certain you have accessed all the corners in the chair and the ottoman.
  • Give it a final wipe using a dry soft cloth just one more time in order to get rid of any soap that is still on them and prevent any lines from appearing.

Step:3 Caring for Leather Upholstery

Below are some additional guideline in ensuring your lounge chair charles eames are long lasting if they are upholstered in leather:

  • Leather conditioners are best suited for maintaining the quality of leather. Apply a little amount of it, using a soft cloth, and tenderly rub on it; you shall be left with soft, flexible and crack-free leather. Depending on the weather and frequency of use, you should apply some on your leather after some time.
  • Never use harsh chemicals or cleaning products on your expensive leather! If needed, get only mild cleaners that are non-toxic and designed for leathers and remove dirt quickly without damaging them. Make sure you try any new stuff first before going ahead with it; this will let you know if there might be risk of bleaching/scratching afterwards.
  • Don't rub, use a softly damped clean absorbent cloth to blot any spills or stains on the leather. Rubbing can enlarge the contamination then push it deep ensuring it is difficult to remove.
  • For a more thorough leather clean up and repair process, the best option is to consult an expert in leather care. They are knowledgeable enough about such matters hence they will be able to use appropriate products for deep stains as well as scratches that have affected the integrity of the material itself.

Step:4 Maintaining the Wood

Just as important as the other materials used in Eames lounge chairs and ottomans, is the wood used and its longevity largely depends on whether or not it is taken care of properly:

  • To avoid the accumulation of any dust and dirt, you should use a soft, dry cloth to remove dust from wooden furniture and to clean it.
  • Don't use harsh or abrasive cleaning items on your wood at all; they could ruin its finish making scratches all over it, instead you should just go for a milder option like mild soap dissolved in water if you need a thorough washing.
  • When the wood surfaces begin to appear parched or lacklustre, simply apply a light layer of wood polish or wax so as to revive their sheen. Make sure the product matches the kind of wood on your Eames lounge chair and read the directions of the manufacturer before using it.
  • If you need to refinish the affected area due to more significant scratches, the wood might have already been damaged massively. This means that for more deep scratches care should be taken in smoothing out its top, re-applying a fresh finish and perhaps colouring or even sealing it so that matches remain in resemblance both color-wise and protective.

Wrapping Up

It is important to protect investments such as the Eames lounge chair and ottoman as they may become objects of value for future generations if well taken care of according to this guide. To ensure that these famous pieces of furniture stay intact without losing their beauty, comfort or useful lifespan, follow the instructions contained herein. Understand always that cleaning them regularly while in good condition is what will ensure that they serve for long without losing value.

We at Luxe Furnishes produce these timeless pieces with proper care and detailed craftsmanship.