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Round Mirror with Leather Strap

This strapping mirror is a real statement piece to any room. The real leather strap and black metal frame demand attention as a feature piece. With an ambience of confidence,...

Luxurious Gold Roman Window Mirror - Home Elegance

Complete a room with this Roman Window Mirror, available in two modern shades. It's unique shape adds an elegant twist to an otherwise simple design, hanging this mirror will reflect...

Enhance Your Space with the Pink Copper Round Mirror

What’s not to love about the metallic trend? It promotes vibrancy and energy to open up and transform a space. This curvaceous copper mirror is versatile and compliments many colour...

Timeless Black Mirror - Modern Pane Design

This Pane Mirror gives off an antique feel, the design is strong and modern. Sometimes all you need is a classic design to make the desired impact you're looking for,...

Manhattan Window Gold Mirror (120x80cm)

Create the illusion of a bigger and brighter room with this beautiful Manhattan Window Mirror. With a gold plated finish, this simple and understated mirror brings a voguish persona to...

Horizontal Arch Mirror - Black

This Arch Mirror is a striking design that will act as a statement piece in any room, hang it on a wall to make a room look bigger, as well...

Gold-Framed Arched Rome Mirror - Classic Interior Charm

The Arched Rome Mirror is a great way to add a sense of open space to your home with the arched window design and light reflecting mirrored glass. Simple and...

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